Many of our GSN members provide a tremendous amount of support to the Global SHIELD Network (GSN) and their communities. It’s important to recognize hard work, professionalism, compassion, commitment and success. It’s unfortunate but true; in today’s hectic world, we don’t always say “thank you” enough. Our global mission would not be possible, without the partnerships we share with each of you.

As a result, the GSN Executive Board has developed out our first annual awards process as a means to say thank you and recognize your support. During this process, every agency was able to make a submission for an award which were due this past May and recommendations made by the GSN board in June. The GSN Board reviewed the submissions and voted on the below results. Recipients will be able to participate in the awards ceremony to be held at the upcoming Detroit SHIELD conference!

Award submissions were submitted for the below categories:
– GSN Excellent Service Award
– GSN Meritorious Service Award
– Unit Citation Award
– GSN Private Sector Partner of The Year


This award is granted to GSN members who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to any of the efforts of the GSN to include innovations that have demonstrated advancements in network resources and impact.

Award Recipients:

  • Officer Michael Wallach, New York City Police Department (NYPD) SHIELD
  • Simon King, London Metropolitan Police SHIELD
  • Investigator Robert Hess, Hanover County Sheriff’s Office SHIELD


This is a special award granted to GSN members who have made significant contributions to their jurisdiction through their local SHIELD initiative. Efforts will have demonstrated an impact to the safety and/or crime prevention efforts within their community. Recipients will be able to demonstrate the positive impact SHIELD is having in their community.

Award Recipients:

  • Sergeant Shane Anderson, Seattle Police SHIELD
  • Bureau Chief Charlie Ambio, NJ Department of Homeland Security SHIELD
  • Officer Matthew Fagan, New York City Police Department (NYPD) SHIELD


This award is granted to a SHIELD program that has demonstrated exceptional performance within their community and in support of the Global SHIELD Network.

Award Recipients

  • Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office SHIELD
  • New York City Police Department (NYPD) SHIELD
  • Baltimore City Police SHIELD


This award is granted based on a review of an individual private sector partners efforts to support the initiatives of the Global SHIELD Network. Nominees will have demonstrated a record of support with any efforts of the Global SHIELD Network during the applicable calendar year.

Award Recipient:

Mr. Steve Somers, Garda World

Congratulations to all our award winners and thank you for your continual efforts in directly contributing to the success of the Global SHIELD Network!